Millennia ago, in the earliest generations of “civilized” human existence, there was a great concern among the gods and other powers of the realms beyond the natural world. There existed one being, known simply as the Dark God, who drew his power from all evil done in the world. The Dark God had no equal on the side of good, and the evil done by the other evil gods served only to empower this unifying entity. Thus, the Dark God could have no challengers, and for this reason the rest of the gods and primordial beings feared him.

It came to pass that the Chosen of the Dark God, a human called Maleficus Teomura, betrayed his master and proposed a method of imprisonment to the deities of good. With their aid, Teomura siphoned much of the Dark God’s power into the creation of six beings, whom he called the Children of Despair. Using them as an anchor, a ritual was then performed that sealed the Dark God in a powerful extraplanar prison, hopefully for the rest of time.

Now, during the turmoil of the Spellplague, something is not right with the supposedly eternal prison. The Children of Despair walk the world, and if brought together they could release their terrible father once again into the universe. The tale of the Dark God and his imprisonment have been forgotten by all but the most studious and depraved sages, and beneath the notice of the rest of the world, the Children of Despair gather.

The Children of Despair is an epic campaign that runs (hopefully) from level 20 to about 25. Seeds have already been planted for the adventure throughout the party’s career.

Children of Despair